Brick & Tin

Brick & Tin

Brick & Tin was completed in the summer of 2010 and quickly became the hottest restaurant in town.  The owner was another protege of Frank... Read More

Burger-Philips Centre

This 1992, 250,000 square foot project at 1910 Third Avenue North took two historic buildings and joined them by construction of a four story glass... Read More

Forest Park Property

This early 1900’s residence was totally renovated into an outstanding professional office located in the heart of the Forest Park historic district. It is currently... Read More

The Vintage Building

Renovations to the Vintage Building at 310 North 21st Street, Birmingham, Alabama was completed in 2000. This outstanding five story office building in on the... Read More

The Spencer Building

This historic property’s renovation was completed in November of 2006. The building has four floors of 6000 square feet each and the top two floors... Read More

Ideal Building

Beautiful 1924 terracotta tile facade department store renovated into a six floor, multi-tenant office building. Total renovation completed in 1995 and is on the National... Read More

Philippi-Mastin House

This 1850 historic house was expanded with an addition that took a few remaining walls of a 1700’s building and built it in the traditional... Read More

Meelheim Building

This building is just off 20th Street in Birmingham and was renovated in 2004. This office building is done in the true loft style with... Read More


Renovated historic building at 217 North Twentieth Street for the first new retail store on the north side of Birmingham Green in many years.