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Real Stories From A Fictitious Man

Real “characters” are not hard to find in the rural South, and
during his life, Joey has found a bunch of them. “Real Stories
from a Fictitious Man” is a sampling of Joey McClure’s short
stories and though it meanders, this original work is mostly
Southern in content and country in derivation. It is the culmination of memories, encounters, and the imagination of a Southern boy who, as a grown man, found delight in putting those
into his own words. His favorite people were always the tellers-of-tales, better known in rural Alabama, as liars. His recollection of fragments of their stories, as well as his actual experiences, were the resource materials, but as he says, “Most are my own lies.” Filtered throughout, you will also encounter several of his poems (which are mostly songs he has written) and a scant few of his photographs from his vast library.